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     This cleaning company has helped me out of sticky situations quite a few times over the years. Most recently I'd had a rather large event that had gotten messy. I used Marylebone Cleaners as the clean up crew and I'm so glad I did. It was a large job, but their team handled it all with ease and professionalism. Even those problem areas weren't an issue. They showed their worth, demonstrated what true professionals they are.
Alexander H.08/02/2019
     The cleaners from Marylebone-Cleaners worked solidly for a few hours. What they managed to achieve was staggering. I was blown away by the professionalism of the team and their hard work.
Kat N.27/04/2018
     I had been renting out my apartment to some lovely tenants that had been living there for many years. They were soon to leave and I had found new tenants, but before they would arrive I wanted to gut the place and get it spotless again. A company who do end of tenancy cleaning did the whole job of cleaning for me. They left out nothing and the apartment was shining with cleanliness. I would recommend this company highly to everyone.
Janet G.24/11/2014
     Marylebone-Cleaners are a very professional cleaning company. I have been using their services once a fortnight for the cleaning of my house for about 18 months. I have a regular cleaner but if for some reason she is unable to make it, then someone else is sent so that I am not let down and my cleaning still gets done. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to come home after work, to find my house nice and clean. I find the cleaning services efficient, reliable and thorough and I would certainly recommend their services to anyone.
Lucy W.14/11/2014
     After getting a promotion, and all the extra hours associated with it, I started to find it hard to keep up with the housework. So I hired a cleaning service that would be as hard-hitting and thorough as I am in my professional life. Marylebone-Cleaners fills that role perfectly, and I was glad to work with them. Every facet of their service package was handled with professionalism - from the phone operators to the actual cleaners themselves. They were all great, and at the end of the day I have a perfectly clean home, and a hearty recommendation to give.
Jen Seamor29/08/2014
     So glad I used Marylebone-Cleaners. At first, I was a little bit worried about having a cleaner in my home not least because my house has become a little bit of a mess in recent weeks. I had nothing to worry about of course because a cleaner got on with the job and did such excellent work I had no hesitation in hiring her again. For the price I pay it's amazing the service I get. One of my friends came round afterwards and noticed immediately the difference. Even though I hadn't done the cleaning myself I was still quite proud for some reason LOL. Many thanks!
Jeff K.13/08/2014
     I hired a cleaner from Marylebone-Cleaners by recommendation from my brother. The cleaner I had before was awful! In the three months she was with me, she was late 4 times and the cleaning was never anything impressive. When my new cleaner came, I didn't have many expectations but my brother insisted that this company was worth it. I was absolutely shocked when she had finished to see that my house was actually cleaner that it had ever been! She went above and beyond anything that I'd expected and I'll most certainly be keeping her on!
Hazel S.16/07/2014
     I wanted to surprise my elderly mum and dad with a home clean service as they had both been ill. I waited until they were away for the weekend and called a cleaning company I use on a regular basis. Marylebone-Cleaners were great they fitted in the home clean with my schedule and sent the cleaners early in the morning to make start. The house needed a good clean as jobs had built up, and it was a big house too. The cleaning went on for most of the day, and after it was completed it looked brilliant. My parents were overwhelmed when they saw the results.
Carroll Henry12/06/2014
     Cleaning is something which drives me crazy, and what my cream sofa had red wine spilt on it I was just horrified. How do I deal with this was my question. Thankfully I was introduced to Marylebone-Cleaners by a work colleague who had used them before. The first step was to get an estimate of the cost involved as the sofa is 5 years old and maybe not worth spending a lot of money on. The quoted price took me so much by surprise that I thought it was a mistake. Anyway, it was no mistake and their lovely staff completed the work in a professional manner in a short time. I am really satisfied with how this company handled the whole process from start to finish.
Raina G.26/05/2014
     Money has been short lately and we wanted to revamp our home, we couldn't afford to replace everything and we desperately needed new things. Our carpets in the lounge, master bedroom and hall and stairs had seen better days but we knew that replacing them would cost far too much and we knew that we couldn't afford to do that at present. My best friend recommended Marylebone-Cleaners to me and so I tried them out. The results are fabulous, my carpets look fresh and smell fresh and appear to look new again; this is the ideal way to revamp on a budget.
Eliese T.08/05/2014
     Life is fantastic now that Marylebone-Cleaners are in my life! I found it very difficult to keep on top of all of the housework and now my lovely cleaner helps with everything in the house in terms of cleaning. When my daughter spilt juice all over the sofa I simply gave her a ring and she found time straight away to get rid of it. I also have managed to find more time to spend quality time with the kids and it has made my life so much easier. I would like to extend my thanks to the company and my cleaner for a great improvement to my general wellbeing! I think everybody needs a cleaner like mine.
Anna Neville08/04/2014
     I was passed on the contact details for Marylebone-Cleaners by a friend of mine. I had always been impressed by the cleanliness of his home and was baffled at how he always seemed to find the time to clean everything so well, especially as he had never really seemed like the most domestically gifted of folk. However, he let me in on his secret and now I'm happy to share it. It's services like this which can make a real difference and I'm still so impressed. They provide exactly what I need and save me so much time.
     When I decided to hire a house cleaner I called Marylebone-Cleaners. Their cleaning company is very popular on my street, and I've only ever heard good things and seen amazing things from them! When I found out how affordable the services were I immediately called, simply because I hate cleaning my house! I get a thorough house clean every couple of weeks and I'm very happy with the service. My cleaner never seems to miss a spot, and uses lot of really effective cleaning techniques and cleaning products to get the house sparkling and sanitary in no time! I couldn't do without this company now!