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Five Easy Steps To A Cleaner Bathroom
23May 2014
Five Easy Steps To A Cleaner Bathroom1.    Remove.Take the bins out if you have one in the bathroom, and empty it in to the main bin. Ensure that you have gotten rid of all empty product bottles, or things that have just been in there for a while. The more stuff you have in the bathroom, the more likely you are to have a messy one, as the dirt that gets on everything will get on all of the bottles that are around the bath and shower, and cause more and more grease and gunk. Once everything is thrown away, take all of the bottles, and rinse them off, placing them in a carrier bag, and putting them outside the bathroom. This way, when you come to replace them, they will be clean and dry, and you will have been able to clean around the bathroom without worrying about the clutter getting in the way. You will find that this is the same for all the detritus that you use in the bathroom.2.    Spray down.Use a bathroom spray to cover the surfaces that you need to clean. Leaving these sprays and chemicals in place for a while will mean that you get the best cleaning power possible, as the chemicals get their chance to work away at the grime that accumulates in the bathroom. Soap scum, lime scale and water marking ere all pretty tough to get rid of, and you will find that the best way to get rid of them by far is to allow the chemicals to do the work for you. If you have bad limescale, try applying white vinegar to the affected areas first, and then wrap them in cling film, to keep the acidic vinegar in place. You can do this the night before, for maximum cleaning power!3.    Scrub.Once you have left the cleaner in apace for a while, you need to attack the dirt. You will find that a stiff bristled scrubbing brush will be one of the best ways to get the dirt form the surface, and you will also find that it remains hard work no matter what you are using! The only way to make this process less of a pain in the neck is to do it more often, so that the dirt does not build up to be as tough to get off. A rough sided sponge can also be useful, and using a scourer can be great on taps, but mind that you don’t use a scourer on the bath surface, as it will scratch fiberglass and ceramics!4.    Rinse. Rinse away all of the residue dirt and the foam that comes with the scrubbing process, and see if you are satisfied with your work. There may be a few spots that you have missed, and you can return to them now. Keep repeating the process to ensure that you are getting all of the dirt away, and ensure that you attend to the grouting between tiles as well as the rest of the bathroom surfaces, other than just the main ones of the bath, shower, sink and toilet. 5.    Mop.You should mop the floor last, as this will mean that everything above the ground will have been cleaned properly. Failing to do so will no doubt mean that you end up sloshing more water and mess over a recently mopped floor, and that is simply a massive waste of time in anyone’s books!