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How To Clean Your Kitchen Like The Professionals Do
21Nov 2014
How To Clean Your Kitchen Like The Professionals DoHaving your kitchen cleaned by the professionals is great; however kitchen cleaning often means that there is a lot to be done to have your kitchen sparkle. The downside of cooking at home is grease and mess on the counters as well as the stove, something that can always be solved using a professional clean at home! Sometimes we don’t always have the time or the budget to be able to get everything done when we need it and we require our kitchen to shine overnight. If that sounds like you and you’re not really sure where to begin from, then this handy guide will take you through what you need to do to make your kitchen, cooking show worthy: •    Establish what parts of your kitchen need cleaning. It might just be your counter tops or your stove that needs a good scrub however it is imperative to know what you will be cleaning, so that you do not waste time trying to do other things or rather be distracted by them, so that you don’t get round to what needs doing. •    The first part is to actually clean the top of the stove. If you have a gas cooker, take off the burners (making sure the cooker is off all the way to the mains!) and take a damp cloth with a little bit of detergent and clean around them. Often most times, you will find that lots of the grease will come off and they will start to show their original face. If in any doubt and the cloth doesn’t quite work, then the next best thing that most professional cleaning companies will use is a small scourer. Because it has a tougher surface area, it will get rid of even the most stubborn and annoying stains that your stove may have. •    Once the burners are cleaned, clean around the area of the stove at the top. If you have an electric stove, wipe over the hobs and clean especially around the area, as it will be where most grease accumulates. For the top of the stove, pour a good and solid cleaning agent that you can get from supermarkets, as this will cut your work in half. You won’t have to scrub or use that much physical energy and time desperately trying to cut through the grease. •    When that has been cleaned, take a small step and climb on it and clean the vent. Your vent will take a little while to clean, however because you often switch it on to cook, it will be naturally dirty. Cleaning the vent also means that your cooking will be cleaner as well.•    Once the vent has been has been cleaned, you should clean the oven. For the oven, you need a mixture of 4 parts of warm water as well as ¼ cup of baking soda. One by one take all the grills off and soak them into the bucket of the mixture you have created for a few hours. Once you have soaked them into the bucket and they are clean. •    When the grills are in the bucket, take the scourer with detergent on it and clean the oven clean. You can make a mixture of salt added to it as well and pour it as a paste, to be able to scrape off within a few hours. Your oven will be professionally cleaned as through you hired a cleaning company

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